Yep, this post was 1 month old, trying to catch up. If you noticed, sometimes I “skip” a day in the counter. This usually means I forgotten to take a picture of my base for that day or there was zero upgrades going on that day. I would just simply skip that day and continue posting the following day’s journal post

Now, let’s see which packs are the most worth it. Obviously the book of everything alone is the best pack there, the RM12.9/19.9 (USD$ 3/5) packs are scams, selling elixir for a premium.

The last pack is also very interesting, because it gives out rune of elixir instead of normal elixir. This actually means I can store the rune for future use, like starting out TH11 for example.

Bought two packs here, the RM7.9 (USD$2) one and the rune of elixir one (RM79.9/USD$20). The rune would save me a lot of hassle farming on Day 1 of TH11, worth the buy and definitely much more worth it than the TH11 “Value pack”

Bases like these just make me shake me head, maxed TH9s with nothing better to do with their time and effort. Isn’t it clear that SC is trying to kill off perma-maxed bases?

Good hauls from semi-dead, whale bases. People never question me about storage raiding, but reality if you can use a cheap army like barch and take out bases like these, it is more profitable than purely dead bases. Mass miners still lose in this regard because barch only costs 200-250k with 5 spells, whereas miners alone cost 250k and spells make them a 400k army.

3 Book of Everything and 2 Rune of elixir ready for TH11. Man, TH11 is going to be so fun

Another look at my full base

Nothing much here, dark barracks and elixir collector going to complete soon. 36 hours for AQ to wake but DE almost full. Can’t wait till I’m a TH12, then I will spend all the saved up gems to insta-complete my AQ levels. For now, spending gems just isn’t as worth it 😦

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