Reached BH8 and 3000 trophies, so I earned myself another 1000 gems. This would make my gem count 10k, finally. I’m still storing and keeping all my gems, hopefully they will be enough for my TH12 journey. Based on my first TH12 account, I would need around 12-15k gems to finish AQ and warden in a timely manner. I would also try to keep and bring as many book of heroes and book of everything as possible, so that I can save some gems.

I never took many pictures of my builder base because I’m lazy, just as a summary, it is the classical rushed BH base who reached BH8 about 2 weeks ago.

Upgrading healers in the lab right now, because one day I might want to do QW. Miners are already maxed so I really have no other troop to work on. 3rd barracks going to unlock miners soon

AQ going to wake soon and I have plenty of DE for her. BK just upgraded, he’s going to lvl20 soon.

Lvl9 walls: 15 * 3mil = 45mil

Lvl10 walls: 85 * 2mil = 170mil

Total wall requirements = 215mil

Hmm, I really need to upgrade my TH soon, otherwise I would max walls in like 3 weeks

The Immense Defense pack seems decent, especially the RM20/$5 pack, the 1mil gold would allow me to have 10mil gold in TH11 and the book would instantly complete the Clan castle upgrade. Luckily this pack keeps repeating so I just need to save up 9mil anytime I want in TH11

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