BK is way too cheap still, unfortunately its still not fully worth it. BK growth is just so slow that he’s only the 3rd best hero out there.

Heroes actually grow exponentially but it grows so slowly that it is almost unnoticeable. BK for example, grows about 2% in dps and 2.5% in hp every level. Every 10 levels, BK will grow 22% dps and 28% hp. Imagine being a TH12 and after grinding almost 2mil DE just to increase your hero by 22% dps and 28% hp! This is why we see offense is so underpowered at lower levels. Its so hard to 3 star TH12s yet even a TH10 can easily 2 star any maxed TH12.

Heroes should grow faster at higher levels, I think lvl1-40 AQ and BK is decent enough, however at TH11/12, heroes should grow faster than what they do currently

Barbarian kingOld HPNew HPOld DPSNew DPS

The percentage shown in brackets is the increase in the last 10 levels. I strongly think that every 10 levels of hero should increase its stat by almost 50%, this would allow TH11 to be much stronger than TH10 and TH12 to be much stronger than TH11. Unfortunately in TH12, only the warden grows well, both BK and AQ are not really worth it in comparison.

This is my suggestion if there were not much other changes. My other suggestions would make TH12 point defenses deal something like 250 dps, if that is implemented, I would suggest doubling BK hp instead. So lvl50 BK would have 7k hp and lvl60 BK would have 14k hp

Doing heroes mean that I can upgrade my walls very quickly because of the short hero upgrade times and heroes costing DE. All gold and elixir goes into walls

BK would wake up around the same time as AQ, and I probably cannot afford both so BK will most likely be neglected while I will upgrade AQ

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