Just a day of nothing in between big hero upgrades. DE is full, gold and elixir will be full within 3-5 raids

4 builders coming free in the next 36 hours, gotta farm hard to keep walls upgrading and builders building. Honestly, the only difficult thing is trying to upgrade as many walls as possible, keeping builders busy is extremely easy

Since I talked about BK yesterday, I would talk about AQ today. She grows a little better than BK this is why she is the second best hero in the game. She has range as well which allows her to be used in queen walks, a pivotal attack strategy which is probably broken.

Archer queenOld DPSNew DPSOld HPNew HP
Lvl 30327No change1324No change
Lvl 40419 (+28%)No change1630 (+23%)No change
Lvl 50536 (+28%)630 (+51%)2007 (+23%)2200 (+35%)
Lvl 60658 (+22.7%)945 (+50%)2575 (+28%)2970 (+35%)

The last few levels of AQ growth is pretty weak, no wonder we see people with underleveled lvl30 heroes being able to easily crush maxed TH12 bases. My change would make lvl60 AQ 3 times stronger than lvl30 heroes, making low level heroes, even lvl50 to be obsolete at higher levels. This would make their cost worth it.

AQ’s hp growth should be lower a little because she primarily depends on her range and healers to keep her alive. In fact, even if she had 1000 hp right now, it wouldn’t change her dynamic at all.

Queen walks will need to be nerfed though, I suggest the easiest change is that healers cannot be affected by rage spells because they are pacifist troops. So this would destroy the bullshit we see, where a TH10 lvl20 Archer queen can survive 4-5 maxed TH12 point defenses with rage on healers. Then maybe reduce healers efficacy on heroes to 40% instead of the 50% we see. This would make queen walks really hard to do and only as rewarding as current standards.

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