Forgotten to take a picture of my base today 😦 So only two pictures

Despite being super rushed, I managed to destroy 250 infernos so far, I wonder how many TH8s can do this achievement? Granted, most of the infernos I attack (>95%) are dead infernos but TH8s won’t even have access to dead infernos like me. Well, free 200 gems then

Using miners right now because there is a miner+heal event going on, this makes the only disadvantage of miners null and void.

I also can use miners because I chose to max out barracks one by one. If I upgraded barracks evenly, I would only have 1 available maxed barracks to use. Now I have 2 lvl12 barracks, and one more going to lvl12, the last one being lvl8. If I had upgraded them evenly, I would only have 1 lvl12 barracks with 3 lvl11, which is worthless if I want to train miners.

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