Finally, after deciding that walls are going to complete too soon, I am now upgrading to TH11. This picture was taken on 16th of Jan, so I would reach TH11 on 26th which is Saturday. That would allow me ample time to farm for the 17mil elixir required for Day 1 of TH11

Alternatively, I actually have 2 runes of elixir which means I can actually skip the entire farming on the first day of TH11. That’s why I bought the new year pack so that I could save money and not buy the TH11 pack (I have actually never bought the TH11 pack)

Both heroes, two barracks upgrading, now town hall is upgrading as well

Miner event was going on at the time, so I was using miners like crazy

Attack log:

However, miners are non-superior compared to barch. I’m still earning the same loot compared to barch, the only difference is that miners train slightly faster and cost 3x more. With the event, they become cheaper than barch which is great

Luckily heal spell was also discounted, so it only costs 30k to use mass miners and heal. However, without the event miners cost 300k to use! Turning all raids into losses in terms of profit

Defense log:

Somehow I can still defend really well with such weak defenses. I still cannot understand why maxers would want me to work on defenses. I can at most save 200-300k per raid if I upgraded all my defenses. However I know for a fact that defensive losses don’t become zero, you still lose 100-200k no matter how strong your defenses are. This massively decreases the margins for upgrading defenses making them worthless to upgrade

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