With TH11 coming up, I would need to adjust my builders so that I have 4-5 builders coming free on Day 1 of TH11. I also need to adjust my lab so ensure that I can finish a troop upgrade at the same time as my lab is done upgrading.

AQ going to lvl35 soon, I will need to upgrade her again so that I don’t overflow DE. She will be lvl36 and upgrading to lvl37 when I reach TH11. I would not personally follow my guide because I want to keep all 3 heroes upgrading, this means all other things (storages, army camps) will be neglected in favor of these hero upgrades.

This is not an issue though because of diminishing returns, army camps are weaker and weaker. Each army camp in TH11 only improves offense by 2%, which is same as heroes, except heroes take a shorter time to upgrade. I will still upgrade army camps, but a little later than normal.

DE is full right now, so…

Bought a shield to protect my loot as I probably won’t be attacking again for the entire day, will be in time to upgrade AQ tomorrow


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