Late to post 😦 Was busy the entire past week so didn’t have time to pre-write this.

Just upgraded AQ again, and now my DE is halfway full. Really TH11 is going to be tough when I have all 3 heroes upgrading, loot is just too good.

Giants are upgrading in lab, going to bring them to lvl6 before I reach TH11, not sure why. There really isn’t any troop left to upgrade in the lab except perhaps bowlers right now but I’m saving my DE for heroes so I need to upgrade elixir troops

AQ going to lvl36 now and her upgrade times are getting pretty long. It was crazy that in the past, lvl15 onwards was 7 days each. Now, only lvl40 and above is 7 days.

Then people in reddit somehow thinks that lvl30 is a major achievement when in reality, it is only 25% in terms of overall progress. SC has rebalanced it so that lvl30 is 25%, lvl40 is 48% and lvl50 is 70%.

Lvl30 AQ is not a non-achievement, yet we see so many people in reddit celebrate it, I cannot understand why

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