Almost 100k DE farmed in the past day, this would be crucial afterwards when I grind AQ to lvl60. I’m saving up most of my gems for TH12 when I want to get lvl60 AQ in less than a month.

For now, I am upgrading elixir collectors because they take only 2-2.5 days and allows me to have builders coming free every 2 days at least. Walls are inching forward but I won’t be able to complete them before TH11, not a big issue though. I’m less than 4 months old and I’m able to finish about 20% of all my walls, I should be able to accelerate at TH11/12 and finish my walls in less than 16 months of starting the game. After that, its all about TH9-12 defenses.

See how all my builders are going to complete before the TH upgrade, they will keep working until about 1-2 hours before the TH completes. This is in stark contrast to maxers who upgrade only their Town hall and have nothing else to do. I cannot understand why do people do that, why do people finish everything then wait 1-2 weeks just for their Town Hall? Won’t that be incredibly boring?

I’ve read advice many times that people say “max your traps first then start your TH upgrade”, but actually the player can start the TH upgrade first then work on all traps. The traps will then finish before the TH completes, this would save 7-14 days of time! Idiots

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