Because of my overflowing DE, I am just going to gem AQ. This is why my gems rarely if ever goes above 11k, this might make TH12 hard because I estimate that I might need around 15k gems for both AQ and warden. Not sure what I would do to prepare for that.

But more importantly, I need to prepare for TH11 now. This means having 8mil/8mil ready and as much as possible in treasury and collectors. Fortunately, I have bought a rune of elixir earlier on from the new year pack. This means that I can easily finish all my day 1 elixir requirements with no raiding at all.

As a refresher:

TH11 upgrades for the first day cost:

  • Warden lvl 1 and lvl2 = 8.5mil
  • Lab = 6mil
  • Warden lvl3 (12 hours later) = 3mil

This is a total of 17.5mil. I will have 8.5mil from my TH10 storages, then rune of elixir will give me 9mil from my TH11 storages (this is also another reason to rush, magic items become more and more efficient). This gives me a total of 17.5mil, enough to do all the necessary upgrades.

AQ going to lvl37 now. She will be out of commission for my TH11 transition, but that doesn’t matter because AQ is completely not necessary for farming. I just shake my head when people in reddit say that having heroes down is the worst, because it shows their ineptitude in farming. People who rely on heroes to farm don’t know how to farm.

As for the title of this post, upgrading heroes = lvl0 heroes, which is why I am saying that I am going to bring lvl0 AQ to TH11

Her DPS growth is pretty good, but wish it could be better. Lvl40 heroes imo, should be nearly obsolete against maxed TH11s. That is probably an unpopular opinion though because not everyone can grind heroes like that. I do wish that hardcore players can trade effort to make heroes much more powerful.

At lvl37, AQ should be about 40% as strong as lvl60. This probably won’t help with player retention and casual players though so it will probably never be realised. The sad thing is, I see players with underleveled heroes taking down my maxed TH12 without much effort, because heroes really don’t grow well.

I always champion that rushing helps with heroes, because this is the only point that can be registered by dumb maxers. Any other advantage of rushing is dismissed because “feelings” but somehow saying that “I can get higher level heroes” can pique the interest of maxers. This is why I always say this, however some maxers twist it and say that it is the only reason to rush which is blatantly wrong.

Giants going to complete in 1 day while TH going to complete in 1.5 days. After Giants lvl6 are done, I will start a 6 day upgrade while waiting for the lab to complete. This will ensure nearly 100% lab uptime.

Timing everything to the dot, builders will have almost 100% uptime and only take 2-3 hours break before my Town Hall completes

24 walls (48mil) to go. But I will not be able to upgrade any new walls because I’m saving up all my loot for the first few upgrades of TH11. Just look at those defenses, redditors will cry in despair at it. But then they don’t believe me when I show my defense log

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