Oops, didn’t save up loot for TH11 so now I need to farm hard

21 hours to go, now I need to farm 6/6mil for TH11. I also didn’t prepare loot in my treasury and collectors, oh well. Luckily I have my Rune of Elixir ready.

Every builder will be free right before my Town Hall completes, of course.

I wanted to upgrade something which takes 6 days, because that is the time required for TH11 lab. However, it would cost elixir and that would mean I must farm extra elixir. I was a little lazy for that so I chose to upgrade a DE upgrade instead. Ideally, a cheaper upgrade would be better for my AQ but I want to upgrade something useful so I chose to upgrade bowlers instead.

These are my troops right before TH11, basically only maxed barch, wb, loons, healers, miners and bowlers. That’s actually quite a fair amount of troop upgrades done, I wonder if maxers can even scratch this sort of progress. They would probably only be TH8-9 right now.

Last look of my base before TH11:

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