Just a side track here, earned 100mil from treasury already. No doubt it is all because I am in a FWA clan. Did you know that in the past, treasurer:war stars ratio was a way to judge a player before including them in war?

The higher your treasurer, the better because it means that the player was taking on stronger bases. It allowed a huge bit of manipulation though, with FWA or just hitting top bases for the sake of it. Thus, it is not used anymore right now as far as I know

January’s clan game, took all the obvious options, there really isn’t any other combination that is worth it. Too bad only 1 builder potion, oh well

Loot penalty:

There was a golem event at the time, so I was forced to bring my own golem and 1 maxed golem in the cc. Can someone point to me where is the loot penalty of being a TH11? I can’t seem to find it.

And after less than a day in TH11:

Cleared 15-18 Eagles in the first day of TH11, that’s how I keep getting gems. Higher TH means higher chance of stronger dead bases so I can clear achievements much easier and earlier.

Wall in my first day of TH11. Four lvl12 walls done, 270 to go! I’ll stay in TH11 for 3 months, and I need to farm about 1.2-1.3mil for all my walls. That means I need about 400mil/month or 13mil/day. Probably won’t max them in TH11, but should be able to easily complete them in TH12 before defenses are done

12 hours after starting my TH11, I have started another level of Warden as per my own guide so he’s going to lvl3 already. He will be complete tomorrow so I need another 3.5mil for him, after that he’s a breeze.

Upgrading my new archer tower and cannon to keep builders relatively close. If someone does all the long upgrades in the beginning, there will be a 4-7 day period where the player cannot do any other upgrade. Always try to keep builders staggered and have one coming free every 1-2 days. Sometimes I don’t upgrade BK because it would make me have no builders for 3-4 days which is bad, so I would rather overflow a little DE or neglect BK just to prevent that. Ultimately, BK is just another beat stick, upgrading him will not make much tangible difference

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