2nd day of TH11 is much easier now, because the only upgrade you should have if you read my guides, is a lvl4 warden. Now is a good time to farm extra for walls.

He will take 1.5 day now, and will only get longer and longer. He takes a total of 87.5 days or nearly 3 months to max out. Imagine staying in TH10 for another 3 months and doing no useful upgrades. This is the cost people are willing to take and neglect their warden, the strongest thing in their army. It blows my mind sometimes

I also started the upgrade for tornado trap because it is the strongest trap in the game right now, and only 1 upgrade for 2 days. Its quite worth it and I think I outlined this in my TH11 guide

Attack log:

I don’t understand why people can spew nonsense like “loot penalty” when I can farm loot so easily. Loot penalty doesn’t exist, you don’t gain less loot at higher TH levels. The only true loot penalty is overstaying lower TH levels and not getting better loot in higher TH

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