This is my only picture on Day 124, unfortunately didn’t take a picture of my base but you can see that my DE is overflowing already. I have AQ upgrading and cannot upgrade BK because I am busy upgrading other things. Warden from lvl5 onwards costs less than 2mil elixir/day which makes him super easy now. I really cannot understand why people say grinding warden is tough.

Many people fall into the trap of using the warden prematurely, and he is so strong that after using him, some players cannot afford to upgrade him again. This is why I keep saying to upgrade warden constantly, don’t use him until lvl20 is the best. I am actually horrified to see so many TH11s with lvl5-10 wardens participating in wars while neglecting their long term progress.

The warden’s main function is his life aura ability, which increases the health of all troops in his area. The health is increased depending on the values you see in the life aura tab (press the ‘…’).

Life AuraPercentage increaseConstant increase

Warden increases all troops and heroes health by the percentage increase, or constant increase; whichever is lower.

For example, a lvl7 barb under a lvl5 warden will gain 125*0.244 = 30 extra health. A lvl7 giant under a lvl5 warden will gain 94 health because 1280*0.244 = 312 which is greater than 94, so the lower constant value is used.

In the above example, warden increases the health of barbarians by 24.4% but only 7% for giants. This means that warden is much stronger when used in conjunction with lower hp troops compared to higher hp troops.

Let’s use giants vs golems for example, lvl8 giants under a lvl20 warden gains 275 hp; while a lvl7 golem also gains 275 hp. The thing is, you will bring multiple giants which each get 275 hp compared to golems only receiving the buff once.

6 lvl8 giants have 6*(1480+275) = 10530 hp

1 lvl7 golem only has 6900+275 = 7175 hp which pales so much in comparison to giants.

This is why we don’t see golems being used in higher levels, they grow so slowly and are not buffed much by warden! I have always suggested that lvl7/8 golems should have 9-11k hp, because it makes no sense that TH9 golems are 83.3% as strong as TH12 golems! In spite of the fact that TH12 defenses are about twice as strong as TH9! Poor balancing at its finest here!

If you compare multiple troops, you will realise that having a lvl20 warden is stronger than maxing your lab in TH10 or TH11

TroopTH9 + lvl20
TH10 + lvl20
no warden

As you can see, low hp troops receive such a huge boost from the warden that they are elevated to a whole new level. The most egregious being miners and bowlers which is why they are so strong compared to other troops like dragons and valks. This has been the narrative I’ve been saying since the inception of TH11, the warden provides disproportionately strong boosts to troops which makes it hard to balance now and in the future.

Imo, the constant part of the warden’s life aura has to be boosted, to at least 500-800 at lvl20-30. This way, higher hp troops get a decent boost as well so that they can scale well into

Warden is the strongest hero because he alone can increase the health of the entire army by 5-10k! Upgrading barbarian king for example, only increases his health by 3-4k and his ability is completely useless without the warden’s aura and tome. Warden with just his aura can bring TH10 troops to TH12 level and beyond. This is why I strongly opposed when people suggested that TH10 should have a lvl5 warden. That would absolutely break the game. Luckily SC was on my side and immediately said that it would never happen.

Now, do you even notice that I haven’t even spoken about the Eternal tome? Yes, life aura is but one of his abilities which already promotes him to the strongest hero in the game. The Eternal Tome is another ability which is absolutely bonkers which I might cover in another day.

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