Just another random day after upgrading AQ and GW again, they’re going along really nicely and smoothly. I haven’t even tried using warden once, would love to use him with maxed barbs, that will be OP.

Warden going to lvl6 and AQ going to lvl38. Barely more than 4 months in the game, and I’m almost maxed TH10 AQ. This is why maxing TH10 heroes is not considered an achievement, it is ridiculously easy. People constantly praise TH9s “30 AQ levels are brutal”, when in reality those 30 levels only cost 25% of lvl1-60. People think lvl30 is halfway done with heroes when it is not even close. Lvl42 is closer to the middle in terms of both cost and time.

Attack logs:

Not emphasizing DE because I will overflow, just attacking bases with reasonable elixir right now. Next BK level only costs around 90k so I don’t need to farm that right now. Farming is so relaxing, don’t understand why people make it hard for themselves

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