Maxed gold and nearly maxed elixir while only half DE. I have learned to continue farming despite maxed gold but having two maxed resources make me lazy to farm and I would lose motivation to do so. This is why I always try to finish walls and heroes at the same time otherwise my farming would slow down.

Warden going to lvl8 right now and 1.5 days before I have another free builder. Luckily I have enough DE for my next BK level so I can continue farming. However, after 1 day 18 hours my next builder is 5 days away from completion. I would likely not upgrade BK after the next builder otherwise I would have a 3 day gap without any free builders.

Hence, I would just upgrade some AT and collectors to bridge the gap between builders. Remember, never have a huge gap between builders otherwise you would have overflowing storages.

Defense log:

Even as an extremely rushed TH11, I’m still defending well. This is why I am so lazy to upgrade defenses because it is completely pointless.

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