After doing random junk the past 2 days, I am now going back to upgrading BK.

It wasn’t a problem in the past because heroes took 7 days from lvl15 onwards. This made it extremely easy to set up hero upgrade times so that they overlap most of the days of the week. My old routine was AQ on Sunday, BK on Wednesday. This gave me 3 days to farm for BK and 4 days for AQ. The weekends were used to farm for AQ in case Thurs, Fri were busy days for me. This was a really good schedule which allowed me a lot of flexibility.

Of course cutting down hero upgrade times were the major reason behind the loss of schedule, but I’m really not complaining. It used to take 157.5 days just to get AQ to lvl30, now it takes about 140 days to get AQ to lvl40 which is a pretty absurd discount. This is why it is no longer an achievement to max TH9 anymore, the grind was effectively removed. Furthermore, DE is so abundant in TH10-12 that people are essentially wasting time to farm heroes in TH8/9.

That is why it really grinds my gears when people who don’t deserve praise gain a needless amount of upvotes in reddit. Finishing a baby step is just that, a baby step, not some monumental achievement to be celebrated.

2 days without any free builders, at least it will allow me time to get 9/9mil and 200k DE. First army camp going to complete in 2 days, so I will need to farm 9mil elixir for my 3rd army camp. AQ also completing in 2.5 days so definitely need to farm at least 175k DE for her next level, which should be extremely easy

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