Just started another AQ level as well as my 3rd army camp. Army camps really do become a ripoff when you reach high levels. At TH11, each army camp costs 9mil elixir and 10 days. Yet they only increase your total army size by 2.1% each. If there weren’t anywhere to spend your loot to improve

I just wish army camp size increased properly so that there is a big distinction in this regard. If troops became distinctively stronger each TH level, then army camps wouldn’t really need such a huge buff. However, I think it would still be great that troops and army camps increased proportionately so that it doesn’t skew their importance. I wouldn’t want army camps to be the most important factor nor troops. I would rather they have shared importance.

Someone once told me that troops can stay as is, we just need to make army camp sizes much bigger to balance each TH level. Something like 240 army space in TH10, 300 in TH11 and 400 in TH12. This would allow much stronger armies without stronger troops which can be donated to low levels (which is why the clan castle system is broken).

This sounds like a good idea, but it would mean that training times would get out of control really quickly. An increase of army camp size of 20% means that your army will need 20% longer to train. I’m already sick of the 25min training time of barch, I can’t imagine it turning to 35-40min (I can actually since I have had upgrading barracks). Unless training times are shortened for high levels (honestly it should be case), increasing army camp size would just slow the entire game down and nobody would want to upgrade their TH or army camps.

I would much rather TH10 haing 240 space, TH11 having 268 space and TH12 having 300 space, as well as a 20-40% buff to all TH12 troops with a corresponding 40% buff to all TH12 defenses. Then training times would be faster for TH12, either tied to army camp level, town hall or troop level. This would mean that troops train faster if you have upgraded your army camp or town hall or the specific troop.

Huh, just realised that my AQ reached lvl40 then. She’s now going to lvl41 and it is another 70 days before she reached lvl50. I don’t get why people celebrate getting lvl40 because its just another small stepping stone to lvl60.

And the horror! My warden is not upgrading! Not entirely sure of the circumstances, maybe farming 6mil elixir is hard after upgrading an army camp? Or maybe I made a mistake and dumped elixir into walls? Who knows at this point, but I definitely need to farm elixir in 8 hours in order to have the elixir needed for my lvl10 warden!


  1. A change that could offset the higher training times in upper townhalls is making it so as you upgrade barracks they also train troops faster.


    • Yup, that’s good too. However, TH12 for example does not have a unique troop so there is no increase in speed. SC’s trend is to release a troop to the 2nd highest TH level and never to the highest TH level. Bowlers and miners were released for TH10 and TH11 did not have a unique troop at the time

      This is also why TH11 is so strong compared to TH12


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