Wasn’t able to farm enough elixir yesterday after doing an army camp and warden. I used one builder to work on a gold mine instead of another army camp. This is why rushing is so wonderful, I can do so many cheap upgrades instead of doing an expensive army camp. I can farm as much as I want and still can keep builders working on something good.

BK waking up in 12 hours, but my elixir is full so I can upgrade an army camp instead. Now at hindsight, it seems that it doesn’t really matter if I upgrade BK or army camp because both increases my army’s strength by 2-3%. Upgrading BK might be the better idea because it unlocks more BK levels to upgrade. Army camps can be done at any time without repercussion but neglecting BK means that I will get lvl60 BK later.

This is about opportunity cost, something many people in reddit just don’t understand. I will make a post about this soon, hopefully

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