Wanted to upgrade wallbreakers in lab yesterday but had to dump my elixir into army camps. As I said in my post yesterday, I should’ve upgraded BK instead of army camps then work on wb in lab. Army camps just don’t give much in return, which is pretty sad. If each army camp gave at least 5% growth, then at least we might feel a tangible difference between TH levels. With only 2% growth per army camp, this is another reason why the balance between TH levels is bonkers

Now its giants upgrading in lab, they are only lvl7 giants because I didn’t bother upgrading them in TH10. I used to use gibarch in TH9-11 but now its really not worth it. Giants don’t help you punch into bases and currently they have the same as hp barbs lvl8. Instead, giants will trick you into doing a storage raid which is almost always not worth it. I have nothing much else to upgrade in lab now so I’m just working on a filler troop

I don’t know why, but my rate of one stars shot up as soon as I got lvl8 arch. But her grow is so low that I didn’t think anyone would be able to feel the difference. That was the before the barb buff though, right now with the buff, barbs are definitely a first choice. It allows TH11 to farm better than TH10 now, which might make me change my guidelines on when to upgrade to TH11.

After a full day of farming, I’m now full on loot. Time to stop playing

Full DE and 2.5 days before I can spend it, this is going to be painful…


  1. I also got a lot more one stars once my level 8 archers completed. Strange. Still gets one shot by level 6 mortar but not level 5. Maybe the 25–>28 damage is somehow significant?


    • Not sure, but lvl7/8 actually have some use. That’s why I always upgrade them although I condemn how small the change is. Sometimes, it allows 1-2 extra buildings to be destroyed and that’s all you need for the star


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