I better upgrade one of these otherwise I might be blindsided by a electro dragon event later. If you are at the TH level where you can unlock a troop, events will take that into account and you need to build some of your own to complete the event. For a TH9/10, you only need 1 electro dragon to complete events but for TH11, I need 2.

Frankly, since maxed barracks cost 12 days, it makes them worthwhile targets to use BoB on. Having one barracks down also increase my troop training time by 33%! This makes barch a 30min army instead of 22-24, that’s insane! Don’t upgrade maxed barracks at TH11/12 unless you have a book of buildings because it is usually not worth it

AQ back on the alter, she’s going to lvl43 right now. Now, I need to farm 100k for BK and another 186k for AQ in 7 days. Back to casual DE farming

Yup, the main reason of me using a book of buildings. Almost blindsided by the event but I just upgraded one so I can build one electro in 24 minutes. Essentially doubling my army training time until I complete this event, ouch

24min training time, sigh. This is another troop which grows 25% from lvl1 to max, its just sad. They should make lvl1 about 200 dps and 2400 hp, and limit so that TH10 can only receive lvl1, this would balance it nicely so that TH10 cannot get something too strong for its level. TH9 should also be restricted, they should not be able to receive electro dragons at all.

Lvl2 can keep its 270 dps and 3600hp, but level 3 definitely should need 360 dps and 4500 hp, or something like that. It makes no sense that a TH11 troop is about 90% as strong as a TH12 troop. No sense at all

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