This picture just shows another average day, I’m just upgrading some archer towers which take just a few hours

Just want something to bridge in between builders. With army camps going to complete soon, I’m turning my focus to elixir storage because 9mil is not enough for warden lvl15+. Need to get that maxed before warden is there, I still have almost a month time so nothing to worry about

Walls coming along nicely, with 15% of my lvl12 walls done. I might only get 60-80% complete before I go to TH12

Lvl8: 5 * (0.5+1+2+4) = 37.5mil

Lvl9: 10 * 7 = 70mil

Lvl10: 9 * 6 = 54mil

Lvl11: 232 * 4 = 928mil

In total, I still need about 1.1bil of loot to maxed walls. Hopefully I can get it down to about 200-300mil before I go to TH12.

Clan game rewards, always choose those with the most gem value. I took builder potion instead of book of spells because there really aren’t that many spells for me to focus on. I still have heal at lvl5 and rage at lvl3, with everything else lvl1. It would take me quite some time before book of spells will have any use.

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