And after less than 2 days, I have enough DE for the barbarian king now. Goes to show how easy loot is right now and people’s unnecessary fear of “loot penalty” which doesn’t exist anymore. The only loot penalty that exists right now is farming in lower TH levels where you do not get full loot potential of TH10/11

Warden going to complete soon and I have enough elixir for him,

The CWL medal rewards is going to change soon, as shown below:

Now, CWL medals will be rewarded based on league and placement, no longer based on wins and stars, which is great. This was exactly what I suggested which is the only way to prevent people intentionally dropping. If CWL rewards were based on stars and wins, people in crystal can earn more than masters for example. Winning a league will give you 400 medals but losing the league above will only give you 100 which is insane. Now with these rewards, people will get the same exact if they are #1 in the lower league and #7 in the league above

I put my name as “Keflex” previously in the forums where I posted this exact idea:

All my posts were removed when I got banned again, but since someone quoted me, my idea persisted. My idea was to keep some star medals but SC removed them completely which is fine. They also introduced a non-participation penalty which is be hard for TinySin, oh well.

Time for TinySin to put on my big boy pants and start doing CWL. Hint: I got 17 stars and 2 wins in Crystal 3 for this March 2019 season


Getting easy loot with DE and elixir filling up quickly. People seem to understate barch because they don’t understand that I can open the game and raid twice easily. Not sure why I am using some goblins in my raids because I don’t recall a goblin event during this time. Who knows

Still defending well, so I don’t understand why I need to upgrade defenses. Maxers like to spread the lie that rushers cannot defend, which is blatantly false. They see that they are losing 300-400k despite being a maxer and think that somehow rushers can lose more. However, they don’t believe it when I can actually lose LESS as a rusher than a maxer.

Maybe there really is a goblin event since my enemies are using goblins as well, hmm.

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