DE getting dangerously close to full now, I need to start the BK upgrade soon so that I don’t overflow. Upgrading both heroes at once only costs 45k DE per day, and my drills produce 8.4k. This means I only need to farm 36k or 8-9 raids per day to farm too much DE for both heroes.

9.25mil elixir cap, it should be safe for warden for now. This is why gold storage is generally more important than elixir storage. You only need upgraded elixir storages for the last 5 levels of warden which can only be attained after 1.5-2 months of TH11

After maxing gold storages, you can upgrade clan castle which allows for your clan mates (or your main account) to pay for heal or rage spells to use in your farming attacks.

Warden is still 5 levels away from the 9.2mil mark so I’m safe for now even without upgraded elixir storages. I just mainly want to upgrade them for now so that I can upgrade things like balloons and miners in the lab.

After my 3rd army camp is done in 17 hours, I will start my next BK upgrade. The problem with the hero upgrade times for me is that they are not uniform right now, so their times do not remain consistent for me. That is why I sometimes don’t upgrade BK despite having enough dark elixir to upgrade him. He is a glorified pekka/golem anyways and even lvl60 is barely better than lvl30 so I’m not worried about him.


  1. Hi Sin,

    I was wondering if you could give me an advice for my base ( With the upcoming time reduction update coming, I was wondering if it would be more suitable for me to go to TH11 right away.
    I’ve got my AQ going to 26 and my walls pretty far behind as you can see.

    My initial plan was to continue working on the AQ & walls while upgrading my elixir & gold collectors as I finished the attack buildings on my village. With the delay being drastically reduced with the next update on those collectors, I might be working on traps instead.
    As you said multiple times, an AQ down is a level 0 AQ. Does it make sense to rush to TH11 and start working on the warden right away or should i stay and focus on my heroes.

    Thanks for your insight



    • Yes, go to TH11 now. In the past, there were multiple reasons not to go. But now with lvl8 barbs getting buffed, it has pushed me over the edge to say that you really don’t need anything except barch lvl7 before rushing to TH11. There are minimal time discounts to TH11 offense stuff so just go on ahead and max out your TH11 offense. Loot is really plentiful here as you can see, I’m overflowing every single day!

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