BK upgrading now after having my DE dangerously close to full yesterday. I have 255 camp space now and just waiting for the last army camp to complete

2.3 days to farm another 90k DE, super easy and I will most likely overflow 😦

Huge new buff to rushing:

Lots of discounts to all the underleveled stuff I didn’t upgrade. Maxers would really lose out because they have upgraded a lot of stuff previously and probably can’t enjoy as many discounts as I do. My current base right now is about 25 days more advanced

Looking through the list, mortars and traps aren’t getting much of a discount so now I will focus on those until the update drops. My original plan was to work on collectors but now I will wait for the update before maxing collectors. One notable change pertinent to TH11 here is that clan castle is cheaper now at 9mil instead of 10mil. This means that you don’t need to overflow your gold to upgrade CC anymore, rejoice!

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