One of the biggest upgrades for TH11/12 are wallbreakers. At least they would allow me to one shot lvl8 walls. As previously mentioned, I think they should make walls much stronger at higher levels and subsequently make wb much stronger as well. As a TH11, I expect to at least one shot lvl9 walls or even lvl10 walls. One shotting walls from two town halls below me doesn’t seem too outrageous.

With that, I also suggested before that jump and EQ should scale with wall levels so that you are fairly rewarded when you upgrade walls. Too bad they completely ignore your wall level.

Finally gotten 150 stars in about 150 days of playing the game. If I really focused on stars, I think I can get about 5 stars every 2 days meaning I can complete the 1000 star achievement in 400 days. At this rate it might take me 1000 days or 3 years to get the full war hero achievement, not good

Again, DE going to overflow soon but luckily AQ is going to wake soon so that I can upgrade her

Less than one day to go for AQ and I think I don’t have enough DE for her right now. I still need about 35k DE for her next level, that’s like 8 raids. Time to farm the necessary DE in this timeframe. WB upgrading in lab as previously mentioned

As said previously, this is probably the best way to upgrade barracks. It gain won’t be so great when their cost gets decreased to 8 days. I am not sure if it is entirely worth it to use books once its 8 days though, that will probably be up to the individual player itself. Unlocking miners used to take 7 days, I deemed that too short of a time to use books. With everything’s cost getting decreased, I think that cutting 8 days is probably worth it for a TH11.

Finally maxed army camps for now which feels good. The only reason 260 space is better than 255 is because you can bring an extra dragon in your raid if you are using them

There is also nothing else you can upgrade to improve your strength, so getting a 3% increase in strength is better than nothing. As I said previously, army camps should increase by more than 5 to make them worth it. Unfortunately SC seems happy with the balance between TH10 and TH12 which is a really bad move

My base at the end of the day, that 17 hours still made it into the same day. Now, AQ is upgrading again

AQ going to lvl44 right now, 7 weeks to maxed AQ! I will max her and start the TH12 upgrade probably ASAP. Warden is trailing behind a little with at least 7 days behind AQ. That might be the only thing that makes me delay my TH12 upgrade. Very minimal upgrades will get a discount at TH12 level, thankfully I have a ton of low levels upgrades which will be discounted


  1. “The only reason 260 space is better than 255 is because”

    because what? why do you sometimes have unfinished sentence fragments in your posts?


    • Hmm, I get that a lot in my thesis writing too. Basically, I have a ton of ideas while writing and usually start a sentence/paragraph then jump around to finish different points. I usually catch these mistakes in my own thesis because I reread the entire thing multiple times, but I don’t reread my blog posts before posting them.

      My board reviewer actually asked me the same thing because I didn’t manage to catch that mistake in one of my paragraphs


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