5 months since starting my account and this is my progress below:

DE almost overflowing now and heroes still have some time to go, ugh. At least this means that I’m making really good progress despite being so rushed. Defenses are absolutely worthless and they are only used for decoration. This is why I’m so aggravated when weak players with strong defenses are favored over stronger players with “weak defenses”.

People also always criticize that rushing is only useful to get to maxed TH12, but they are completely wrong and trying to create a problem when none exists. Rushing also allows people to reach maxed TH10/11 much faster allowing them to play the game whichever way they like. Whatever goal someone has, rushing allows them to reach their goal much earlier and have more fun while doing so.

The argument has changed, it used to be “rushing will harm your progress and slow down your progress”. Now they are saying “not everyone wants to rush” which is a stupid argument by itself because so many players shove maxing down the the throats of other people as if everyone wants to max out. Rarely, if ever, anyone has the desire to max out because it is simply inefficient. People max out because they think it is the only way to play or some sort of societal pressure which is why I am so against the maxing mantra.

32 hours away from being able to spend my DE, I will definitely overflow before I can spend my DE. Warden also coming in close, which is bad because their times will sync up. If both AQ and warden’s time sync up, I will need to farm elixir and DE then store it for their upgrades which is not really ideal. The best thing is to have around a 2 day gap between AQ and warden.

Also, heroes are 28/44/13


Just see how good loot is. It is stupid easy how good loot flows now, no complaints though


Not much losses here, only one huge loss because I overslept and my shield expired with full drills. Even then, I lost 1.7mil/1.7mil in 3 days which is about 600k/600k of losses per day, still much smaller than my maxed TH12s.


  1. This is a weird question, but what would you think if you could upgrade level 9 walls (1mil to 10) for also 10k dark/wall? It would kind of be weird but if you have a free builder, ur gold and elixir are almost empty and dark is about full, all your builders are busy except one and you upgrade like 1 wall for (4 mil = 40k dark) and then up queen? If this were to be implemented in the game what would you think?


    • I would actually hate that. I agree with what Darian has previously said, “different resources have different purposes”. If they allowed DE to be dumped into walls, the DE market will really crash and everyone would have trouble farming DE

      Many people don’t know how to farm elixir properly which makes wall progress really slow. Throwing away elixir by using bowitch, miners or gob knife means that people only make half as many walls as I can make.


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