Well, finally gotten my final barracks to lvl12 which means I can now train miners are full speed, but is it worth it? Not too sure, wasting elixir when my walls are already behind is probably not a good idea.

Many people in reddit loves goblin knife and mass miners but I don’t understand why. Barch costs less and can allow you to earn the same, so why spend 300k for the same loot I can earn in 100k? Goblin knife in particular is a pretty bad strategy yet people worship it, earning 3k DE while throwing away 300k elixir is really bad. At least miners can allow you to breakeven in elixir, but goblins just can’t do that.

If people don’t use spells for goblins then its not goblin knife anymore. Its merely mass goblins which causes you to drop so many trophies that loot turns bad unless you use an expensive strategy to climb back up to the ideal farming league. People use miners to climb then goblins to drop, and then they wonder why walls are hard.

The title here “walls are built on elixir” is something everyone must understand. Most of your upgrades in this game are gold-based, this means that you will dump majority of your gold into buildings. This leaves only elixir available for wall progress. You only have a builder coming free every 1-2 days with decent planning. If you dump all your gold into buildings, you only have elixir remaining to upgrade walls. This means maybe 1-3 lvl11+ walls per free builder. If you have no elixir available, then your walls aren’t getting upgraded at all!

Example 1: barch for 1 day and earn 10mil/9mil. Builder comes free, upgrade a 8mil gold upgrade. You will have 9mil elixir remaining to upgrade 2 lvl12 walls.

Example 2: miners for 1 day and earn 10mil/4mil. Builder comes free, upgrade the same 8mil upgrade and the player only has 4mil remaining to upgrade 1 lvl12 wall.

Do the above for weeks and months, the first player in Example 1 would have twice as many walls completed compared to the second player! This is why farming using miners and gob knife is stupid because elixir barely increases, unless you do twice the amount of raids to fill up your elixir after gold is full. That is pretty dumb as well, doing twice the effort for the same return.

Just showing off my 4th lvl12 barracks here. Finally can train miners at 30seconds each, but I will hardly if ever resort to using them. Spending 200k extra just to get the same amount of DE is not worth it.

BK going to lvl29 now, about 10 days to lvl30 or maxed TH9 BK. People stay in TH9 for months just to get “maxed heroes” while neglecting all TH10 upgrades. Its crazy how stupid people can be, or how bad the lie of maxing has spread. People max TH9 not because they like to max or like to war, they max out because they think it gives an inherent advantage. This is why I am running the crusade of rushing, people need to be educated to rush strategically to get ahead in Clash, not stupidly max out and continue to stay behind.

One of my supporters told me something that I didn’t realise. The newest economy changes will definitely benefit rushers more than maxers, because hero prices are not reduced. This means that maxers will still work on heroes while rushers have already moved on to work on more useful upgrades. The economy changes will barely decrease the time for maxers while drastically reducing upgrade timers for rushers, that is insane!


  1. Hey Sin,

    Thank you for your daily posts. I follow you everyday.
    I would like to ask, for the lower THs (8,9 for example), did you receive the cc troops from other members of your clan or from the other accounts of your? If i dont have the cc troops, is this a real matter in farming?

    Thank you Sin, I appreciate it a lot.


    • For any TH level, cc troops are not really important. There are enough bases with exposed collectors that you don’t really need to use cc troops. I occasionally use bowlers or electro dragons for my raids


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