Ugh, full loot yet again. Why is TH11 so painful? Everything takes pretty long and having 3 heroes down still doesn’t provide me enough ways to dump my elixir and DE. I don’t understand how people find loot hard to farm when I can barely make 10 raids per day now.

I still need to wait 19 hours before I can dump my loot and this picture was taken at 7am! I still have the entire day free and can’t farm because my storages are completely full, I’m sad.

Is it worth it for me to buy a shield? I might be attacked twice but each attack can only take as much loot as one raid. Generally unless I’m really saving up for something (full treasury and collectors), it is not really wise to spend 100 gems like that without gaining any value.

Spending gems like this though, is more worth it. That’s a relative term though, using 60 gems to speed up only gold storages isn’t really worth it. It is also about 10pm by the time I took this picture, so even if I gem it I cannot farm extra to make use of these gems.

Despite that, I eventually chose to gem this upgrade so that I can dump my loot into the next upgrade and won’t have any chances to lose any loot. Remember, the best defense in this game is to have nothing to lose in the first place. I do want to put a disclaimer here that this isn’t really an efficient use of gems so don’t just gem any and everyone upgrade out there

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