After gemming the gold storage, this is what my base looks like this morning. DE still dangerously going to overflow, but luckily AQ will wake up in about 30 hours

Warden and AQ going to finish on the same day and nearly the same hour, this isn’t good because I need to save up these two resources at the same time. Its not too bad for me because I can easily farm both but I will advise you, the reader, to not do something like this as much as possible.

After a day of farming,

Both resources now ready and its night time. I’m just going to wait out these 10-12 hours before dumping my loot into heroes.

Lvl9: 2 * 7 = 14mil

Lvl10: 10 * 6 = 60mil

Lvl11: 212 * 4 = 848mil

Total = 922mil

Still quite a bit to go 😦

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