First upgrade of the day, warden going to lvl15 now. At lvl15, he’s more than 50% as strong as lvl30 warden. Quite a design flaw imo especially because the first 15 levels only cost as much as 33% of lvl30. Diminishing returns really hurt this game

Spent almost all my loot now and made a few more raids. Eagle is still upgrading, can’t wait till its up again because I’m getting quite a few defensive losses without it.

AQ upgrading as well, but I probably cannot afford BK in 22 hours’ time. I guess he will have to wait a little while I work on other upgrades.

Troop and hero levels shown here. Maxed farming troops, lvl3 miner and lvl2 bowlers. I regret not upgrading electro instead of miners, because electro is much stronger


This is why I use barch instead of goblins, because I can take loot from collectors behind walls. Miners cost almost 300k and would only get maybe an extra 70/50k which is not really worth it.

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