Earned about 230 medals in the March cwl season, which isn’t very good considering I already got the extra 90 bonus medals. I probably can’t join or excel in a higher clan anyway, so I guess getting this amount is good enough. Anyway, these medals above are already worth 21 builder potions which can cut my builder upgrade times by 21*45 = 945 hours or almost 40 day reduction in my building time. Very worth it especially since I can keep all heroes upgrading.

In reddit, people seem to worship hero hammers but it is the least worthwhile thing in the entire shop. Its 165 medals for 168 hours, but builder potions are at least 3x more efficient by costing only 15 medals and provides 45 hours of value. With 3 heroes upgrading, each builder potion can deduct 27 hours of hero upgrade time which is insane. 1 hero hammer = 11 builder potions which is equivalent to 297 hours of heroes. Despite that, people worship hammer of heroes like its the best thing in the entire shop when it is exactly the opposite

People keep saying how important heroes are for war, but with electro it was pretty easy to get a decent amount of stars

I forgotten to take a picture of my CWL end screen, but I got 17 stars with 4 triples, 2 two star, 1 one star and 1 zero star. Got a little ambitious with some of my attacks so failed quite badly. Pretty good considering that I had no heroes and lvl1 electros.

AQ going to lvl46 now, she’s going to max in less than 30 days

Warden going to lvl15, he still has 38 days to go. Let’s see how quickly I manage to max these two


  1. Hi Sin,

    I’ve been following your posts and days and I really thank you for advocating barch. Since my clan is pretty serious about CWL, I rushed my mini mid 10 with 40/40 to th11 and my main mid 11 to 12 with 46/49/20 a month ago for last CWL.

    How would you rate fighting/building hammers as? For example I’ve been using some as a method of bypassing storage limits. For example, at Th12 I used a hammer on CC, Workshop 3, some cwl troops that I plan on using like drags/edrags/miners to attack in CWL with.

    Also, how do you find the loot at Th12? I’ve been successful using barch (can manage to keep 1-2 heroes down unless its cwl) but some times of the day, I find severe loot draught. My range is somewhere like Cr2- Low M2, depending on how many trophies players drop on me. I find that Th12 is the Th of storages as well? In CWL this account goes for 2stars on maxed Th12s or tries to clear Max-high Th11s.

    My Th11 is hitting jackpot loot a lot in Cr3-Cr1, I underestimated how many dead Th11s there are at first lol. This account is going great as I can consistently hit Th12s for 2stars or crush Th10s in CWL.

    I really thank you for showing me the power of rushing, instead of spending another month “Maxing Th11”, I managed to rush to 12 and just finished all camps, workshop 3, cc, lab, hammering some CWL research, and upgraded a few storages.

    Sorry for long post, I’m looking forward to your reply 😀



    • Hammers are generally not worth it unless you are bypassing the storage limit. It really depends, for me I would choose to upgrade storages really early on and spend all my medals on builder potions. I may only use one hammer of fighting to quickly max one key war troop, but probably no more than that.

      Loot in TH12 can be fickle as you noticed. Just keep nexting is my mantra, it used to be worse when TH12 first dropped but now it takes only 30-50 nexts to find a decent dead base which is very reasonable as that is less than 2 min. Unless the base has good storage + collector loot, or exposed storages, I generally find storages to be an inferior source of loot.

      Great to see your progress. Notice that if you upgraded to TH11 or TH12 earlier, you would get all your current benefits earlier. This is why I always advocate for rushing early because the earlier you do it, the more advantage you get.



  2. (Wrote this before but might’ve forgotten to click post or something, apologies if this is a duplicate)
    Is it worth it to leave FWA for CWL medals? I think time is more important than loot for me so builder potions from CWL are appealing.

    These are my troop levels and I’m a pretty lousy war attacker since I haven’t warred in a very long time.
    Not sure if I’d be able to find a decent clan who would accept me.
    Also since CWL is only 8 days, I’d pretty much be just wasting loot by not being in an FWA clan for the rest of the season.


    • Well, since SinOfDusk and MiniSin were there carrying, I told them if they were cool just give one batch of medals to Tiny while not giving them to my other TH12s. No point giving medals to maxed TH12s even if they are MVPs in CWL


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