Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that a season pass system is going to be implemented in less than 3 days’ time. The system has garnered a lot of criticism because people now say that clash of clans will become “pay to play” or “pay to win”. However, since when did CoC not favor people who pay? Paying is a huge advantage since the inception of the game, this season pass actually gives more advantage to the free player or the minnow (small) gemmers like me.

Along with

Below is the news with the rewards for the first month:

The rewards for this first month does seem really good. The first few rewards cut the time required for all upgrades by 10%, as well as training boosts. This can be further upgraded by going down the list up to a 20% boost in builder and research time. Together with the huge discounts we’re receiving, this would make every upgrade nearly 50% shorter than pre-update. With this new update, I would confidently say that any good rusher should be able to max TH12 in 18 months of starting the game. Maxers would not benefit much because they are still halted by the hero grind which they unnecessarily do at the end of TH9.

Furthermore, there are a ton of free magic items and free loot. This would accelerate the progress of anyone who buys this pack. The season bank feature is great too because it would give anyone 25/25mil/250k at the end of the season which you can use to start a few upgrades.

Someone calculated that everything is worth about $280+ but I would say that some things aren’t worth as much as stated so I’m putting my estimate at $200 value, which is still an insane value. If you are a small spender like me ($10-20/month), I would recommend you to stop spending entirely except for this season pass. In the future, SC will have to make stronger value packs otherwise I don’t think small spenders would buy any of these packs anymore.

No doubt TinySin will definitely buy it because I still have a ton of upgrades, this would help me immensely as I progress to TH12 and finish my heroes. Now the question remains, should I buy the pack for SinOfDusk? My main account has been completely maxed for the past month and this new update is only adding 36 days in buildings and 42 days in research, buying this pack may not give me much value at all. If they add 50 new walls to this update, then I would no doubt buy the season pass. However, there has been zero mention about walls so I am a little doubtful.

AQ and warden waking up in 2 days’ time but my DE is going to overflow soon. I will need to farm another 8mil elixir in 2 days so that’s very easy.

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