Just posted yesterday’s post in reddit, and one of the biggest comment is that “too long, didn’t read”. It is really disappointing to see idiots in reddit like that.

Here’s the post:

I urge my readers to just go on there and give an upvote. It is basically yesterday’s post, but shorter.

BK awake now and I have farmed enough DE to upgrade him, I might probably start his upgrade tomorrow. However, starting him tomorrow means that he will be done in 5 days time which is when my AQ is going to wake up. If I don’t upgrade him, my DE will easily overflow in 1-2 days. Dilemma, dilemma

Lvl10 walls: 7*6mil = 42mil

Lvl11 walls: 191*4mil = 764mil

Total = 806mil to go

Wow, at this rate I might be able to finish walls in a timely manner. I expect that I will max my lvl13 walls in less than a year of playing the game.

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