Wow, the above pack is actually good for a low price. It seems like a recurring pack, coming back twice so far. Its $5 for 2 book of heroes, if you

Only the middle RM19.9 ($5) pack is worth it, everything else is worthless unless you already bought that pack already. With the new season pass that we already have, it might not be worth it to buy such packs in the future. It will depend on how much you are willing to spend in the game.

Two book of heroes are usually worth 1000 gems, but they actually save you about 2000 gems (1 hero upgrade = 1000 gems normally). Normally $5 can only buy you 500 gems, this is effectively a 75% discount not even factoring the power potions. Its a no brainer, I bought the pack

I’m thinking I should make such analysis when I first see the pack instead of making a retrospective entry like this. But it means that I will need to make a post immediately after seeing the pack instead of writing 3-5 posts every Sunday and Thursday.

DE going to overflow again 😦 I might need to use the books mentioned above

3 days to go for AQ and my DE is going to overflow, being a TH11 is sad

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