A really long post today, time to start the grind. Today is a long, long day

Yes, I would want to finish the AQ now

Again, I want to finish the upgrade now. There you go, two levels of AQ nearly instantly.

AQ lvl48, just two more upgrades and she’s maxed. That’s 396k DE before she’s maxed, really want to achieve this quickly.

First things first, I used a resource potion at earn 8.6k DE in the next 24 hours. I will need all the help I can in order to earn all the DE I need.

Just farming DE like a mad man, taking nothing less than 4k DE in a full raid. I can try nexting to find more DE, but I was boosting so I need to hit anything I see.

Bases like this? SKIP! I need the DE, gold and elixir doesn’t matter to me at all

More DE, using my spells and CC for more DE if it is available. People use miners for that, I’m not wasting 200k elixir per raid just to get the same amount of DE. Barch is fully capable of getting as much DE as I need while not sacrificing much elixir, this allows me to build a ton of walls. Even as I farm up 70k DE, I earn 6.1mil elixir as well. If I were to use miners, I would probably earn far less and may even end up with <3mil elixir by now

People always waste elixir on miners and shit, then ask me how to max walls quickly. If you are throwing away half your loot, it is no wonder your wall progress is slow.

End of day 1 of massive DE farming, only have 100k DE in the bank. In TH12, I’m hoping that I can farm this much DE everyday for about 20 days then I can max my AQ and be done with the grinding. I will most likely burn through a lot of my gems and books but eventually it will be worth it when I max my AQ and warden.

Keeping a ton of builders ready so that when I farm up 196k, I will have a builder around the corner to upgrade AQ immediately. Picture taken at 6pm actually, I still have almost 3 hours of good farming before I turn to sleep

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