Early morning farming, just to get DE. People say rushing is hard, but in reality rushing is only hard if you want to max heroes quickly like me. Most people who rush can’t farm as fast as me, yet can still make really good progress. The problem of rushing is that you look like an ugly duckling for some time before turning into a swan whereas maxers look good but are internally shit

Choosing clan game rewards, which contain a book of heroes. This is why I was delaying to buy the Fighting Change value pack which contained 2 BoH. If I bought the pack first, I would not be able to claim the BoH here.

The final stretch. See my raids without boosting, I can afford to next more and find 5k DE hauls

Finally, I farmed enough DE. Goodnight AQ, this is your second last level. I will be able to max you out as soon as I farm another 200k DE. My farming has not ended, I will need to farm more if I want to max out AQ.

Bought the pack and now I have 3 book of heroes. These will be put into great use as I still have a few warden levels to go

Quick look at my base, both warden and BK are going to wake soon so I need to farm another 10mil elixir and 120k DE pronto. I will probably neglect BK for now while I farm the 200k necessary for AQ.

200k DE to go…


  1. haha you got that right your one of a kind i cant do what you do lol i upgraded aq to 30 without stopping but shit man im tired lol think im taking a break from farming my soul out.


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