I just had my graduation ceremony yesterday after spending the past many years in medical school and I can feel is “second step out of a thousand, done”. Every accomplishment is just another piece of building block, and you should only stop to look back when you really become the cream of the crop, when people look up to you.

This is why it really pisses me off in reddit when tiny achievements get celebrated like people really accomplished something. Why do people get so much praise when they just completed lvl8 walls for example? They are barely 1% done with their journey and everyone gives them 600 upvotes like they cured cancer.

Celebration and praise should be given when you really do something remarkable. With tens of thousands of medical graduates per year in my country, what is so special about me? Nothing. I have just embarked on research while I am waiting for my residency, once I’m done and published, that will be another small milestone but definitely not the end yet. That is just another stepping stone towards a true research such as a PhD, likewise the end of med school is just the first step towards specialization, there is still a long grueling 10 years of training before I become a specialist/consultant and even then I’m a junior in my selected field.

Always strive for the best, nothing else even matters. Don’t settle for small goals, keep going and keep upgrading. In Clash, grind hard and when you finally get lvl60 AQ and lvl30 warden, you can do whatever you want in game with no problems. There is no obstacle remaining once you complete your key stuff.

As you can see, I’m upgrading purely traps now because the economy changes have been announced. The only things that were not discounted were mortars, infernos, xbows, eagles and traps. With all my underleveled traps, I feel that those would give me the treated return of investment so I chose to upgrade those. Infernos as I previously said, are at 80% strength even at lvl1 so they are not necessary for now. Xbows are expensive but are worth it for their lvl5/6 strength, I will most likely upgrade those in TH12 after finishing heroes.

Lvl10: 2*6 equals 12mil

LVl11: 168*4 equals 672mil

(equal button is spoilt in my current potato laptop)

So in total I have 684mil to go for my TH11 walls. Along with 1.25bil remaining in TH12 walls, I’m actually less than halfway done with my walls. This is why I don’t celebrate dumb and small achievements like they are something remarkable. I will celebrate a little when I finally max my TH12 walls, just like my 2 maxed TH12 accounts


  1. How do you have time to study and grind the shit out of Clash of Clans? Like I am not in a university rn just school and even I have limited time. How do you do it? In the morning? Mid class? After school? Late at night? That is pure hard work!


    • I play super efficiently, I make only like 5-10 raids before work and that is enough to keep all builders busy. Sometimes I raid more because I get more free time, for example 2 sessions of 5-10 raids before and after work


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