I have actually changed my base for almost 2 weeks now and I forgotten to post about it, so now I will post it here. This is my rendition of the Crow’s base for TH11. I see many people completely misunderstanding the role of this base and put air defenses in the middle ring together with storages then complain that the base is useless. It is useless because you ruined the base!

This is basically a ring base, you notice that there are 3 rings, a defense ring, a storage ring then the core. There should not be any defenses in the storage ring, so that balloons, giants and hogs do not go into the core of your base! This makes the base incredibly strong against giant strategies which are many farming strategies and balloon strategies. Xbows are placed in ground so that they can shoot the maximal amount of time, they can’t really reach the outside in air mode so I need to find other alternatives for air defense.

Fortunately, drags and electro drags are very expensive army comps so I am rarely attacked by those in this league. This is why being in lower leagues is important, many weak attackers which mean my weak defenses become strong. I love it when TH9/10 attacks me because their attacks are much weaker and they will likely fail.

The main weakness in my base is probably miners, still can’t find a good way to deal with them and they are immune to most traps. The only good way to slowly chip them is to have strong point defenses, wizard towers and multi infernos, things which a rusher doesn’t really have.

I use single infernos because they are almost as strong as lvl6 single infernos, they deal with dragons and golem strategies really well. Multi inferno just doesn’t have the dps at lvl1 to defend me so I don’t use them.


BK going to lvl32 now, I am really not sure what I was thinking here. I could’ve delayed him and max AQ first but now I spent another 120k DE on BK instead of maxing AQ. Not a big deal though, just need to farm another 149k DE to max AQ which is very easy.

I have 3 Book of heroes right now, it would be hard for me if they suddenly have events which give me book of heroes, would it? I was planning somehow to keep these books for TH12 but it seems like I would most likely spend them all quickly to finish AQ and warden.


  1. Wow, cool!

    Very minor thing but I’m wondering why you upgraded the walls in the “wings” before the outside walls? I always thought troops go around them 99% of the time.

    Also, how does this TH11 crows compare to the base you used for most of MiniSin’s TH11 journey? Because that base looks interesting as well.


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