Farmed almost 60k DE since yesterday so that makes me 80k short of my final AQ level for now. SC just gave us some daily quests to play around while waiting for the April update (picture taken 22nd March 2019)

SC is introducing daily quests as a quick preview for season challenges. Unfortunately, season challenges are far more boring than these which look a lot more like clan game challenges. The rewards in these daily quests are also really good, giving magic items for every quest you complete per day, including 1 book of building and 2 book of heroes.

Season challenges are a little more boring and you get almost nothing for the silver pass. I hope SC makes the next season more fun for everyone so people are more receptive about the idea. I really like the season pass though because I am a filthy pay to win player, the gold pass is really amazing and I bought it for my main account and Tiny.

Started miners in lab, it was one of the few troops which didn’t get a discount in the next update so I chose to upgrade them to lvl5 instead of loons. This would greatly increase their cost but at least they would be stronger. Disclaimer, I haven’t used miners since the last miner event because they are just too costly to use. People keep telling me how good miners are but they forget the huge elixir cost which wastes 33% of your loot


  1. Hey, I,d love to see your base, I can’t find it in War Farmers 14… what’s your tag? I’d love to watch you progress, you’ve inspired me to dot the same on my main th9 acc, 75% level 10 walls all elixir troops max, 95% defence maxed. I will upgrade to TH 10 tomorrow, glad there’s someone actually showing how to complete the game asap, in a fun way!


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