Just got enough elixir for my next warden level, he’s upgrading to lvl18 now. That means he just needs another 20mil to go, that’s exciting. Once warden is maxed, my barch will get an effective 50% hp boost, that brings the buffed barbs’ health to 320 which is insane considering that they used to only have 180 hp for TH11 in the past. Lvl8 gave 15 hp and the buff gave them another 70 hp.

21 days to go. How soon can I complete it, hmm.

Attack log:

This is my attack log after maxing AQ, not much difference compared to before she was maxed, the only thing here is that I’m winning more of my raids because AQ can clutch a few more % with less effort. This results in maybe 20-40k extra loot per raid on average which is pretty decent but not game changing. This is why I keep saying that heroes are not necessary for farming and if you rely on them, you are farming wrong.

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