I’m not talking about some unsung war hero who was never celebrated here, I’m talking about the barbarian king. Unfortunately due to his design, he will always be relegated to be a beatstick with no real role in attacks. Being a glorified pekka with an ability, he is the 3rd best hero in the game. He isn’t weak, he is just

Remember opportunity cost?


Upgrading BK isn’t bad, a lvl50 BK for example is definitely stronger than a lvl30 BK. The problem is that at what expense? If you are upgrading BK and not upgrading AQ, it is as good as neglecting AQ.

BK gets hit really hard with diminishing returns, he gains so little hp and dps per level up that even a lvl30 BK can feel exactly the same as a lvl60 BK. A lot of times while I’m playing, I can’t actually tell the difference between my weak lvl30-35 BK compared to my main’s lvl60 BK. He dies almost just as quick, especially under single infernos. With lvl5/6 xbows on BK, he gets shredded regardless of level.

This is why I often neglect BK in favor of AQ because she is at least stronger than BK. She gains more dps when she is leveled up and can destroy buildings much faster. Her hp growth isn’t too bad either, gaining 570 hp compared to 1600 hp in BK from lvl50 to lvl60. This may seem a lot but remember that AQ stays behind your ranged troops and can consistently deal a ton of dps whereas BK is often the first to die. I’m not even counting on the fact that AQ can do a queen walk and gain immense value.

As to the question of who is stronger, AQ or warden. This question is actually very simple, warden can add 4-6k hp to your army (or even more, barch can gain up to 15k extra hp) while AQ only deals some extra dmg and has some extra health. In terms of hero strength, it is easily warden > AQ > BK.

Still going a ton of short upgrades while waiting for the April update, this means that I can farm a crazy amount of loot and also means that my DE is overflow like mad. Almost 3 days to go for BK and my DE is almost full again.

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