Town hall finally upgrading, about 2 weeks late. To be fair to myself, I never really planned to use so many books to finish AQ and warden so quickly, that act even surprised myself. At the very least, I will reach TH12 after season pass has started and after the massive cost reductions to collectors. I will be able to max many collectors while waiting for my TH to upgrade

14 days to go, this is going to be painful. As you can see, DE is overflowing and BK is just about to complete.

In the past, I wouldn’t even hesitate to spend RM80 (USD 20) to but the excess success pack. However with the season pass coming, I felt that it was unnecessary as the season pass only costs 25% and can provide much more value. The pack is actually really good, but is it worth it? I guess I can pass and have no real impact


  1. Hi sin,
    I have a question. How do you use barch but not dropping cup? Currently at C2-M3. I used barch to farm, get crazy good loot (avg. 500k/500k/3k) but cannot maintain my cups. Currently upgrading my barbs, archer next. No heroes, both (BK going to 25, AQ going to 34) are constantly upgrading, because I bought gold pass and I can maintain the loot to keep upgrading them thanks to the cost reduction. Rarely ask for CC troops. Tried to bump my cups when too low using miners, by they cost too much, and I still have several elixir upgrades (7 mines and lab upgrades). Any tips on the barch?

    Btw this is my profile

    Thanks in advance 😊


    • Get lvl8 barbs, they are 50% stronger than lvl7. Go to TH11 and unlock them, this single buff made TH11 so much better than TH10. Have you searched for the “4 finger technique”? That makes all the difference. If you are losing cups every raid, then using barch and mass goblins will have no difference.

      The main advantage barch has is that you can maintain leagues easily and consistently earn 2mil/2mil per hour unboosted


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