Finally, the april update came and now I can buy the coveted gold pass. This allows me to unlock a whole host of rewards. These rewards have been calculated to be worth about $200 which sounds fair with all the magic items and discounts we are getting.

My first look of the season challenges, quite easy quests in general. If you only have the silver pass, I wouldn’t worry about completing all the tasks asap because the rewards aren’t time-dependent and not very exclusive too. But with the gold pass, try to complete all the tasks early so that you can garner all the benefit of the cost reductions.

The main prize in the gold pass are the 20% reductions in lab, training and builder speeds. This allows you to farm 20% faster (mostly) for 20% less cost providing much greater margins. Take for example, you are using miners and your army costs 300k elixir while you earn 500k elixir. Your profit margin in this scenario is only 200k elixir, whereas miners will only cost 240k with the discount and your profit margin increases up to 260k which is great. It is insane for barch because now you can do almost 4 raids per hour which increases farming capacity greatly.

Prize list below:

The entire list is quite extensive and you’ll really enjoy it if you buy it. I highly recommend buying this if you normally buy some value packs. Buy this season pass and skip all future value packs.

This is one of the greatest buffs in the entire patch, each collector now only takes around 5 days to go from lvl1 to max. Now people don’t have any excuse to have low level collectors, especially since they recently buffed the collectors. I hope that in a few months’ time, we will have much more dead bases to attack

I would have bought these packs in the past:

The book smart pack in particular is actually awesome, allowing multiple upgrades for a pretty cheap price. However, the best thing in here is still the gold pass and I bought that without a thought. By buying that, I opted not to buy the book smart pack so no free upgrades for me. The gold pass is far superior though so I actually have no regrets

This was just my shock seeing the discount affecting walls as well. This means that lvl13 walls will only cost 4mil each which is insane, decreasing their price back to lvl12. Hero prices also decrease meaning that people can now grind heroes much faster. Overall, 5/5 update.

The reduction in prices for everything mean that hammers are now even worse than what they were. A net 20% reduction in cost and 20% reduction in time means that hammers lost 30-40% of their efficiency which wasn’t great to begin with. Expect SC to nerf builder potions or increase their price in the league shop soon

Just a small showcase of my defense log, showing that I am still protecting my loot more often than not.

Unfortunately, I took so many pictures that I forgotten to take a picture of my base, you’ll get to see my progress tomorrow instead

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