Started and completed balloons in the lab. I was really debating between this or healers but I figured that I would use balloons more often due to electro while healers are only good for QW. Healers are only in the discussion because they take a longer time to complete so I would essentially save more time by upgrading healers. Oh well, useful troops > expensive troops

Bowlers upgrading in lab and they will be upgrading until I reach TH12. Once I reach TH12, I would have about 1 day to farm enough elixir to first upgrade a troop (most likely healers) then farm enough to upgrade lab as well. This is to maximise uptime of lab and I won’t allow lab to rest even when the lab itself is upgrading.

My base now with empty storages, time to farm all the way to full again. I don’t know why but farming like this really makes me happy, much more than any sort of war or push. I play the game entirely to farm and progress

Doing all the short collector upgrades and they are insane. Less than 1 day for lvl10 to 11, 1 day for lvl11 to 12 and the only hard one is 3 days for lvl12 to 13. The last few levels have huge growth, so actually it is more efficient to bring one collector to lvl12 before moving on the 2nd collector. Don’t upgrade collectors evenly, eg. bring everything to lvl9 before upgrading all to lvl10.

Lvl11 walls: 126*4mil = 504mil to go

Quite good progress I would say, let’s see how many walls I can max before reaching TH12

I actually upgraded about 30 walls since last week, just see how easy it is to farm walls if you farm properly. Many people say how good miners are, but completely neglect walls. I farm all 3 resources together, so I don’t need to spend twice the time to farm half the loot

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