Gotten 3rd place in crystal 3 in my casual friend’s clan. They were using gowipe or mass valks which were only 2 starring enemies with almost zero chance of 3 stars. I really don’t care whether we win or not but just about getting stars and having fun along the way. I faced a total of 1 TH11, 5 TH10 and 1 TH9 which I 3 starred all but the TH11 for a grand total of 20 stars

Quite hilarious fighting this base in CWL, won with almost all 8 electros still alive without using any heroes. And despite having 30/30 heroes, this player didn’t manage to 3 star me. It shows how weak maxing is. For those curious, I used a simple 8 edrag and 4 loons strategy with cc electro. Spells were simply 4 rage, 3 freeze and cc rage. Given my lvl1 freeze, it would actually be better to have 5 rage, 1 poison with 2 cc freeze instead which is what I’m planning to do next CWL season.

Total medals from this season: 269

Too bad we didn’t get promoted, there is no reason to stay in lower leagues now with the change and that is really great actually. I suggested this change before and I’m glad SC implemented it. I actually suggested more overlap such that 1st and 2nd place of C3 for example, would get the same as 7th and 8th place of C2. However with SC’s system, only 1st place overlaps with 8th place which means that there are huge increases between leagues. There is no way that C3 would be better than C2 with the system. No complaints with SC’s system though, just need to adapt to it.

Current base which is more than ready for TH12, this is why I kept saying previously that not upgrading to TH12 earlier was a mistake. My heroes have not been upgrading for the past few weeks and I probably lost 2 AQ and warden levels just like that. No use crying over spoilt milk, just need to chug on.

Tons of collector upgrades going on, the final level is 3 days long which is a pain. I will most probably neglect the final level at the beginning of TH12 because I want to do short upgrades to have a builder constantly coming free. This means that I will not upgrade things that are more than 24 hours

Only 95 walls left! This is compared to almost 110 just a few days before, it is crazy how fast walls can be if I constantly get free builders. With the 10-20% discount, expect me to finish walls blazingly fast.


  1. hey sin,
    I came across your tutorials on reddit and your rushing tactic made a lot of sense to me. Sadly I had almost maxed out my th9 so I upgraded to th10 asap. Right now I’m almost done with my elixir upgrades, 2 barracks and 6 goldmines left. My heroes are at 16/25 and currently I can’t keep my AQ upgrading non stop. Barch gives me 2000-3000 DE per raid. Any tips on getting DE faster and when should I go to TH 11
    thanks for your helpful blog!


    • Great! Its always satisfying to see someone reading my guides and being blown away by the results. It is a shame that reddit in general hates me

      I would say just keep chugging along working both heroes a little bit more, trying farming a little more to upgrade both heroes at once. Aim for lvl30 or lvl35 AQ then upgrade to TH11.

      No harm in upgrading to TH11 right now as well if you choose so, lvl8 barbs and warden are huge buffs to your army


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