Started my next lab upgrade, bowlers are now level 3 and my healers are going to max right now. It seems that I’m running out of good lab upgrades now so I will need to upgrade it soon enough. Lab only takes a few days so I would want to start the upgrade before these 11 days are up. Getting a new lab level is not so essential as a TH12 unless you have no real upgrades remaining. The new lab upgrades in TH12 are only for war purposes, none will really help you for farming.

Now that I have filled up my entire DE storage within a day, I will need somewhere to relieve this extra DE. Time to gem AQ. With the 20% discount, I only need to gem 4 days or so off AQ which is quite cheap. With this discount, it is actually even less worth it to buy book of heroes from the trader.

AQ going to lvl52? Yes

Book of heroes and she’s now officially lvl52. I only have 8 levels to go and I think I want to complete her while I still have the 20% discount. With the discount, I’m saving 20% off her time and DE cost which is about 2 free levels. I calculated a savings of 436k DE which is quite huge. I can also just upgrade to lvl59 and wait for the season bank to overflow my DE storage.

I’ll keep her awake for now and try to upgrade her as much as possible in the next 2 weeks

Brief attack log:

More attack logs from day 1 of TH12 will be included in the updated TH12 farming guide. Going to all in all the relevant barch details there

Defense log:

Still no signs of the importance of defenses. I can defend pretty well despite having basically TH5/6 defenses

Another look at my base at the end of day 2. Lab is upgrading now so it should complete before my healers are done in lab. Trying to upgrade a few lvl13 walls now, they only cost 4mil which is the same cost as the previous lvl12, crazy!

Warden upgrading, DE storage upgrading, lab upgrade, one long defense upgrade and one short upgrade. Since I still have lower level collectors, I will spend some builder time working on them until they are at least lvl12. The final level still costs a little too long (3 days) compared to everything else which makes it harder to plan for.

Long wall journey to go! Completing lvl11 walls just mean that I’m 20% done while lvl12 walls are barely half way done. This is why I don’t get why TH10s with low level 11 walls get so much praise when they are basically non-achievements

Lvl11: 86*9 = 774mil

Lvl12: 210*5 = 1050mil (minus 250mil for now)

Total required = 1824mil/1.824bil to go

Technically there are only 250 upgradeable walls right now, but by the time I’m almost done I would assume that they added the last 50 walls.


  1. first of all thanks to you my queen is 60 now while players started along with me are still having level 30-40 queen. warden is also going 25 now. right now i am grinding level 12 walls. but i am having 2 builders free doing nothing and 2 on king and warden and one on any defence. is there any specific order i should upgrade my defences more efficiently? right now they are just th8- th9 level because i never cared about them. i am not getting wrecked in defences though having 183 defence wins this season :).


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