Since there isn’t much to show today, I will talk about builder potions and how they have been buffed beyond everything else in the league shop. This is mainly because hammers have been nerfed by 30-40% with the recent gold pass.

To refresh, builder potions speed up builders by 10x for 1 hour, this allows 9 extra hours of work for one boosted hour. With 5 working builders, this means a net 45 hour reduction in builder times. The easiest way to obtain these is to trade them using your league medals at a rate of 15 medals per builder potion. Even before the most recent update, builder potions were already the best thing in the shop. Now with the gold pass, they are just insane.

With the gold pass, every upgrade now costs 20% less in resources and time. This effectively reduces the efficiency of hammers by 1-(0.8*0.8) = 36% when combining both factors.

In the past, a hammer of hero may save 7 days + 200k DE but now it can only save 5.6 days + 160k DE. This actually makes it a really poor choice now because it only saves 134 hours for 165 medals. An old 14 day upgrade which may have been a good choice for the hammer of building only saves 11.2 days instead of the full 14.

Builder potions were not affected at all by the gold pass, they still cut down the same amount of hours even after the 20% discount. Let’s say a previous upgrade took 10 days, a single builder potion would only cut 9 hours off the upgrade timer which is only 9/240 = 3.75% of the upgrade. Now with the gold pass discount, the 10 day upgrade is only 8 days long. Cutting 9 hours would be 4.68% of the upgrade timer which makes it proportionately much stronger before the update.

This maths works in such a way that builder potions retains or even improves while hammers lose the efficiency with the new update. I am also not counting the fact that all upgrades have become much faster and you’ll not find any 14 day upgrades below TH12 now.

Cost analysis:

  1. Builder potions cost 1 medal to reduce 3 hours of upgrade time
  2. Hammer of buildings cost 1 medal to reduce 11.2*24/120 = 2.24 hours of upgrade time
  3. Hammer of heroes cost 1 medal to reduce 0.8 hours!

Builder potions are almost 4x more efficient than hammer of heroes are!

This only holds true for hammer of heroes and hammer of buildings. It may still be useful at times to buy hammers of fighting but with the amount of useful troops we have, it may not be necessary to spend so many medals to accelerate your lab anyway.

AQ still at lvl52, but my DE is halfway to her next level. The 20% discount is huge really, only 160-192k for lvl51-60 which makes it so much easier now. She’s only lvl52 right now, so that’s 8 levels to go. Time to grind further

I also started my first offense upgrade in TH12, which is my first army camp upgrade. It is really not so essential but I’ll just finish them while waiting for heroes


  1. Do you think builder potion are worth the 285 gems from the trader? If not, what are gems worth spending on? So far I’ve only used a few hundred gems on rushing the last few hours of something so I could start another upgrade before I sleep or something.


    • As you noticed, rushing doesn’t cost many gems at all. I recommend buying books from the trader, builder potion is a little too expensive from the trader. Get builder potions from cwl medals instead, they are super cheap there


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