After a short 13 day grind, I have completed the entire list of challenges and now don’t need to do any more quests that I don’t want to do. I think its fairly important to rush through the quests up till the 15% discounts, after that you can really take time to finish all the remaining quests. It takes only half the effort to reach 15% discount and almost 80-90% effort to reach 20%. Since I’m gunning for 100% efficiency, I will try my best to

Prize of completing the season challenges:

It actually looks pretty good but I wouldn’t buy the entire gold pass just for this one reward. The main reward for the gold pass are the discounts and some runes.

These are the remaining rewards that I haven’t claimed yet, mainly because I want to save them for when I need them or if I can’t store them.

One of the few offense upgrades in TH12, this allows me to bring one extra balloon in my cc. Mostly though, the major upgrades here are being able to bring 2 dragons, 5 valks or 3 witches. This is a sorely important upgrade if you use those troops, otherwise its just an extra giant or balloon.

Being one of the few important 14 day upgrades, a book of building is perfect for it. Now, I can get the upgrade instantly.

Spent all my loot into walls. Having 2 levels of walls here makes it quite flexible for more to dump 3.2 or 4mil loot into walls so that I can nothing left for attackers. I also just started my second army camp which is super easy at 7.2mil. Too bad the army camps really got the short end of the stick in terms of diminishing returns.

They really should make army camps more worth it and make TH11/12 much stronger than they are right now. As I suggested previously, TH10 should have 244 space, TH11 should have 272 space and TH12 should be increased to 300 space at the very least. This would only buff TH12 by 7% but hopefully it would be enough. I’m quite liking the new level to point defenses as queen walk is now more balanced but we still see TH11 troops being too strong against TH12. The only change we need is a buff to AD and eagle while TH12 troops get another 10-20% buff.

BK still stuck at lvl35, he will only be done after AQ reaches lvl60 now as I pump all my DE into her. All 5 of my upgrades right now are elixir upgrades, which tells me that people seriously don’t know how to farm if they think TH12 is tight in elixir. I can easily upgrade 1 AQ level per 2 days and keep all my builders upgrading elixir stuff. It makes me shake my head when people throw away 200-400k elixir per raid and ask why is elixir so hard to farm


  1. Thanks for the entire journey with this guide! I th10, 39 queen soon going to 40 and I am upping th to 11 very soon (before cwl starts) and will have it ready right after cwl. I was raiding with miners and spells on champ 3-2, but I decided to go to crystal 2-1 and attack with barch, and my god is this profitable! I can get walls so much more easily with elixir too!


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