Just enough DE for her next level, lvl53 here I come!

Using one of my few stored books to complete AQ, I will run out of these soon and will need to spend gems for her. I’m quite sure I have enough gems for her right now so I’m not too worried. Warden will be a tough one because I can actually farm 10mil elixir faster and he will cost 600-800 gems per level if I really want to speed him up. The only reason why I’m not gemming warden now is because of the competing elixir cost of army camps, lab and everything else. Mark my words though once those are done, my warden will definitely upgrade very quickly.

Saving up elixir for my next warden level instead of dumping it all into walls. I keep doing short upgrades in order to dump loot into walls, something that cannot be accomplished if you maxed out. Another reason is to be able to upgrade AQ whenever I have enough DE so that I won’t be left with lots of DE but no builder to work on AQ.

Tesla, warden, lab and two army camps. Looks about right, I’m still conflicted as to when I want to drop my siege workshop. I have not built it yet because it is mostly unnecessary.


  1. Hey sin, do you have any tips to use barch with wb? I am not really used to it. I usually use 120/120 barch lvl 7 and 5 zaps. Sometimes I hate to skip a base that have tons of loot in the collector, but deep inside the base. Right now I switched to mass miners to snipe inner collector. Only use spells if loot >600k

    Btw I added you in game 😂 IGN : Nexus

    Regards, your neighbro 🇮🇩


    • I try to max AQ and warden early, then I can easily farm those bases you mentioned using barch. I wouldn’t waste 200k elixir per raid just to find and attack those bases though


  2. Hey sin, I have a question that isn’t really related to this post but I’m not sure it fits somewhere else.

    I restarted coc about a month ago, having lost my account i played on years ago, and following your guides I will be th10 tomorrow in less than a month. However, by looking at your progress, I am WAY ahead of your schedule. You somehow have level 6 loons, giants, wallbreakers and prob some other stuff by the end of th9, but in my th9 now I will barely be finishing level 6 barch + level 2 of heal/giants in my lab. I meet all the other pre-requisites your guides recommend before advancing to the next TH level, but my lab is way far behind. I assume this is because most of your guides were written before the huge buffs that were made this month. My question is; should I slow down because my lab upgrades are far behind? For context, I’m in a random global clan I found and they put me in war for some reason, small stuff like 5v5/10v10. I


    • Its mainly because you are much faster than me. You are only playing a 1 month old account but when I went to TH10, I was already 2 months old. For war troops, I suggest using bowlers or miners or witches. If you plan to use these troops, you will need some supporting cast, like giants and healers.

      Just keep chugging along in TH10, say that you want to sit out of war for a while so that you can upgrade troops. I suggest upgrading barch lvl7 > witches to max > healers to max > giants. This would take about 1-2 months depending on books. No need to slow down really, but you can choose to stay in TH10 for 2-4 months while you upgrade troops and collectors. Afterwards you can go to TH11 and just max electro and warden

      Buy the gold pass, it is stupid good.


  3. Hey, I am now th10 with queen 40 and all defs maxed -like 100 walls which I get 10 per day and king is 22. I got my loot rewards and have only 2 builders coming today. So that means my storages have 30mil elixir and gold and 300k dark. Theyre overflowing so much. I was wondering should I just use my book of buildings and immediately go to th11? My clan has no problem with me becoming th11, neither do I. I just have 2-3 builders only for the next days so I’ll just build the new things and lab and cc and play CWL?


    • That is up to you, but I would probably have planned for this and upgraded to TH11 before the loot came in. Yup, just build the new things, try to upgrade the CC using the overflowing loot. Do you have lots of league medals? You can just buy a shit ton of builder potions


  4. I know this is late but I bought 8 BPs(Builder potions) and used a book for the CC and a book for the eagle. I don’t care about “War Weight”. So I got some things upping now, a couple of walls already 12.
    Tornado traps, etc. Spent most loot to walls too and stuff.


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